Music! (By Laura)

My amazing big brother Larry gave us a wonderful Christmas present! He babysat Jamie and Nathan for about 5 hours on Saturday night so we could go to the Mormon Tabernacle Chior concert. We went with Dave's sisters Liz and Jen and had an awesome experience. For special guests the chior had Natalie Cole and David McCullough. It was so wonderful to be there in the Conference Center for a live performance. I've discovered that music is one of the most powerful conduits of the spirit for me. So at Christmastime it's the music that gets me in the mood and makes the season come alive. When I hear certain songs, memories of special Christmas's from my childhood flood my mind and help me feel the magic once again. Other songs take me to the stable and manger to remind me why this is a time for the greatest rejoicing and thanksgiving. It truely is the most wonderful time of the year and I'm so excited to get to spend it with family and friends. Thanks again Lar! We love you!