Down South

We had such a fun UEA weekend down south. We stayed with Grandma McAllister one night and had a good visit with her. Of course I forgot to take pictures. We hiked around the Dixie Rock and the kids had so much fun climbing and jumping and getting into cracks and holes.

We all had a blast visiting Sarah and Jared in Las Vegas. Their backyard is amazing and of course the weather was gorgeous. The kids just played every waking moment. We went to a fun park where they got wet and sandy.

This goose and its friend were attacking baby Lexy's stroller. Sarah and I had a hard to getting away from them unscathed. Scary geese!

All the girls love Dave!


We got to visit Aunt Julie and Uncle Marshal in Logan and the weather was beautiful! We took the kids to the American West Heritage Farm. They had fun sliding, exploring, jumping in the hay and getting lost in the maze. Ok, we were never lost because, well, Dave was there. It just took a little while to get out. Fun fall times!
Jamie and Nathan love to play with Lucas!

Fall is my favorite time of year!