Christmas Card

Nathan Don Davis

Nathan had his second birthday on the 4th of December 2008. He had several parties and got many cars and trucks... his favorite thing to play with right now. Now lets take a stroll down memory lane!

The Davis Christmas Tree

The kids loved helping decorate the tree, well, Jamie did.
Nathan mostly just got in the way but he had fun too.

We all had a good time although we did have a bit of a snag... After checking each strand of lights before stringing them up we found that when we were all done with the lights and turned them on only about half of them lit up. It was quite frustrating. So we packed up the kids and headed to the store to buy some new lights. We bought LED lights which are a bit more expensive but the bulb life is like 50 years and as you can see from the pic look really good!

Games and Feasts, Feasts and Games!

Our trip to Roosevelt wasn't all work and no play, as a matter of fact anytime we weren't working we were playing! You know Mom, any spare moment and she insisted we be playing games! We played game after game, hour after hour late into the night. Of course Scum was the most played and I think it is safe to say that the King would have to be Anne. She did very well at keeping the rest of us peasants in our places.
We did play some other games as well; Skipbo, Dice, Spinner, Gin, that Charades game... and the list goes ever on. I think the funnest game for the kids was Limbo! Take a Look!

So what were we doing when we weren't working or playing? Eating of course! We had "another triumph" every night.

And the greatest "triumph" of all... Thanksgiving Dinner!! Jamie wasn't excited at all.

Hard work, good fun and great food... So what more could we ask for? Now it's time to hit the gym and try to work off the ten pounds I gained! Here are a few other highlights of our stay in Roosevelt...

Dad reading to the kids

Nathan's walk in the Park

Nathan's foray into cross dressing

And the trimming of the Tree