Our Nathan turned 5! He had fun being spoiled with lots of cars, trucks and toys. He loved the car cake his daddy made for him, especially the crashed car on top. Here are some fun pics:

Our boy is growing up fast!


We had a really fun Halloween and now are stuck with way too much candy and the ultimate question: Should we just let the kids eat it all up and get disgustingly sick? Or, should we give them a few a day and let them get disgustingly sick everyday? It's a lose, lose situation. Anyway, we had a lot of fun at all the parties and the trick or treating. The perfect weather really helped!
Amy, Juan and Marcus hosted our pumpkin carving party. It was awesome. Too bad we didn't get any pictures of them. Jordan drove down and graced us with his presence too. Thanks J!

The kids love playing with the guts! We came out with some pretty awesome looking Jack-o lanterns.

We got to dress up for two parties on Saturday. I loved my little baby girl skeleton. I think my face makeup was a little too scary. Didn't quite match the baby. Dave and I won a prize for scariest costumes. Score! I got tons of comments on my shirt. Everyone loved it.
Nathan had fun at his preschool party and we got to go watch Jamie in her school Halloween parade. I also got to help with her class party. Fun Halloween. Can't wait to dress up my little baby girl next year! Maybe she'll borrow baby Marcus's giraffe costume??

Down South

We had such a fun UEA weekend down south. We stayed with Grandma McAllister one night and had a good visit with her. Of course I forgot to take pictures. We hiked around the Dixie Rock and the kids had so much fun climbing and jumping and getting into cracks and holes.

We all had a blast visiting Sarah and Jared in Las Vegas. Their backyard is amazing and of course the weather was gorgeous. The kids just played every waking moment. We went to a fun park where they got wet and sandy.

This goose and its friend were attacking baby Lexy's stroller. Sarah and I had a hard to getting away from them unscathed. Scary geese!

All the girls love Dave!


We got to visit Aunt Julie and Uncle Marshal in Logan and the weather was beautiful! We took the kids to the American West Heritage Farm. They had fun sliding, exploring, jumping in the hay and getting lost in the maze. Ok, we were never lost because, well, Dave was there. It just took a little while to get out. Fun fall times!
Jamie and Nathan love to play with Lucas!

Fall is my favorite time of year!


So, I'm going to do a quick blog about the first day of school before it's old news. I may go back and do more summer blog stuff later. Jamie is off to 2nd grade! She was excited to get to ride the bus again - for a while, until road construction is done. I know Nathan will miss her here at home. He has two weeks till his preschool starts.

She chose the pose.

I hope she gets on the right bus and makes it home this year! No tears from me this time. Happy school year!

Summer Time!

Even though I'm sick and can't do much for the kids this summer, I managed to get them to their two weeks of swim lessons. They both did really well and had a blast!

I have been worried about the kids just being stuck home with me all summer but...

I have an awesome family to help entertain them. I drove them to Logan where Aunt Julie and Uncle Marshal took them to lunch and Jordan took them on an awesome hike up Logan Canyon.

Then, on the 4th of July weekend Dad took them to the Bean Museum at BYU and Jordan and Dad took them up to the mountains. Jamie and Nathan are having a really fun summer!

I hope they have many more fun adventures before school starts up again! Thanks Fam!


Nathan Graduates...

Well, from 3 year preschool. He really enjoyed his little class this year. Mrs. Sommer told me that he was one of the best behaved which was a surprise to me. He did really well with his letters and learning how to hold the pencil right. He's already excited for his next preschool class!
Yea for Nathan!


Jamie had another birthday - last week! I can't believe she is already 7 years old. Here's a little look back:

Jamie had a great party at Grandpa and Grandma's house:

Love you Jamie! Happy, happy day!