Hawaii: Day 3 (04 June 2009)

I just can't get over the beautiful sunrises from the beach right outside our beach house.
I took this on a short stroll down the beach.
So, day 3 in Hawaii started with a lazy morning and some yummy breakfast.

We then waited for Amy and Juan so they could take us (Laura, Jordan, & Dave) on a little hike called Crouching Lion. Apparently the mountain is supposed to look like a lion... crouching.... I couldn't see it.

The mountain was quite beautiful though.

The trail was awesome, we had a good time seeing all the wonders of nature... then...
disaster strikes... well not really. The "trail" went one way yet the "Lion" seemed to be in the other direction. We all looked to Amy and Juan but... they hadn't ever been on the trail before either so we started exploring and looking for the right trail.

We noticed a rope going up the side of the ravine so I climb it and found that it went nowhere... Dang it!

Amy continued up the ravine a bit further and found... can you guess? That's right, another rope and do you know where it went? Right again, no where... I don't know who hung up all the frigging ropes but I would like to hang them by there own ropes... jerks! Although, Amy does look pretty good up on that rope wouldn't you say?

So, we gave up on finding the right trail and headed back for the car. We stopped for a few Kodak moments and enjoyed the scenery.It was a beautiful day and Laura was too.
Group Shot
After we got back from the hike we soon found ourselves at the beach!! Can you say BOOGIE BOARD?!?!

Ain't that girl just as cute as a button!

We even got dad out there catching waves

After a few hours of fun in the sun I left the "kids" playing at the beach to go pickup Anne, Sera Dulce, and Evan from the airport, yeah! We we're all excited to see them, especially in this beautiful place... am I saying beautiful a lot? Can't help it!
Evan couldn't wait to get to bed so he could wake up to his first full day in paradise... he even gives you a preview of our plans for Day 4!

Hawaii: Day 2 (03 June 2009)

We woke up Wednesday morning before the sun came up... thanks to the time difference and jet lag... and took a few beautiful pics of the morning sky. This one was taken through the window from our bed. Can you say "Paradise"?

Our first destination of the day was Hanauma Bay. It is a huge moon shaped bay that has some great snorkeling thus it also gets way over crowded. So Amy told us that if we got there before 7 a.m. we could get in for free and as we were up by 5 anyway we decided to give it a try. We made it to the bay by 6:55 and who would have thunked it... Amy was right! We got in for free and we were there before most other people so it wasn't too crowded yet... "another bonus" as Dad would put it.
The water was warm.
The fish were beautiful.

The newly-weds were making out.

We were happy, life was good! All the snorkeling helped work up an appetite. We were all ready for some good food; we all piled into the cars and headed for China Town in Honolulu. Amy and Jordan took us to the Golden China... or was it Golden Palace... I'm sure it was "Golden" something. Anyway, the food was great, Dim Sung, Dim Sung, and more Dim Sung. We had several different types and all were Delicious!
At this point Amy, Juan, and Dad started out for home so Juan could get back to work... poor boy. Dad and Amy went hiking. Mom, Jordan, Laura, & I made our way to the swap meat to find some souvenirs for the fam back at home.
After an hour or so of shopping we went hiking to Manoa Falls. It was a beautiful hike. It was very humid and it sprinkled on us just a bit but we still had a great time. Manoa Falls was more like Manoa Trickle, it looked more as if someone was peeing off the top than a waterfall. So, even though the falls weren't quite "spectacular" the beauty of nature made the hike worth it.

At the end of the day we had a nice dinner and played games. Laura had an Oreo and promptly fell to sleep. Ah, life in Hawaii...