Christmas Card

Nathan Don Davis

Nathan had his second birthday on the 4th of December 2008. He had several parties and got many cars and trucks... his favorite thing to play with right now. Now lets take a stroll down memory lane!

The Davis Christmas Tree

The kids loved helping decorate the tree, well, Jamie did.
Nathan mostly just got in the way but he had fun too.

We all had a good time although we did have a bit of a snag... After checking each strand of lights before stringing them up we found that when we were all done with the lights and turned them on only about half of them lit up. It was quite frustrating. So we packed up the kids and headed to the store to buy some new lights. We bought LED lights which are a bit more expensive but the bulb life is like 50 years and as you can see from the pic look really good!

Games and Feasts, Feasts and Games!

Our trip to Roosevelt wasn't all work and no play, as a matter of fact anytime we weren't working we were playing! You know Mom, any spare moment and she insisted we be playing games! We played game after game, hour after hour late into the night. Of course Scum was the most played and I think it is safe to say that the King would have to be Anne. She did very well at keeping the rest of us peasants in our places.
We did play some other games as well; Skipbo, Dice, Spinner, Gin, that Charades game... and the list goes ever on. I think the funnest game for the kids was Limbo! Take a Look!

So what were we doing when we weren't working or playing? Eating of course! We had "another triumph" every night.

And the greatest "triumph" of all... Thanksgiving Dinner!! Jamie wasn't excited at all.

Hard work, good fun and great food... So what more could we ask for? Now it's time to hit the gym and try to work off the ten pounds I gained! Here are a few other highlights of our stay in Roosevelt...

Dad reading to the kids

Nathan's walk in the Park

Nathan's foray into cross dressing

And the trimming of the Tree

Kitchen Remodel and More!

On November 20th the Davis family got all packed up and squeezed into the truck for a trip to Roosevelt! Mom had some projects for Dave and Thanksgiving was just around the corner.

Mom’s first project was the Kitchen... well part of the kitchen anyway, the rest comes later. This is me in the process of tearing out the crumby old pantry. It was to be replaced by the new fridge (which just happened to come in real handy for Thanksgiving as we had the new fridge and the old one too).

Next was the replacement of the 33 year old range that was... well, disgusting!
This is mom trying to scrape off the years and years of accumulated dust and muck, quite a chore I might add.

Aside from the kitchen project there were many little side jobs too. This is just one of them; some new shelves in the coat closet.

Another project that I was able to help mom with was a bit of a remodel job in her bedroom closet which came just in the nick of time! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the shelf in there... the old one was literally falling off the wall from the weight of everything piled up on it. I gutted it and added a couple of new shelves. That made a world of difference.

It was wonderful to be able to do all these things for Mom and Dad and share my talents. It was even better to see how happy it made Mom to have a new fridge and range and have all these little things fixed even if Dad would cringe every time I started ripping out another wall or pounding on something or other.

Jamie's School Project

Jamie got some home work from school today. Mrs. Sweat (her teacher) gave all the kids gingerbread men to cut out and decorate how ever they wanted to. Naturally Jamie wasn't content with a gingerbread man and decided on a gingerbread fairy, Tinker Bell to be more precise. So after 30 minutes or so, some glue and a lot of colored paper that gingerbread man was transformed into "Tinker Bread Fairy".

Daddy helped with the cutting and the overall design though Jamie is the brains behind the idea!

Jamie loves school and that makes me happy, I hope it lasts as I was never very fond of school.

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Cute Kids from Cute Parents

It is very hard to get a good picture of Nathan these days. Laura has been trying to get some good ones of Jamie and him together but he rarely holds still long enough and never looks at the camera or smiles. Nathan finaly decided to cooperate today. So Laura took as many as she could and these are some that turned out good.

Nathan is almost two and just can't figure out the whole talking thing yet.
Jamie is in preschool and loves learning.


I have always felt a strong feeling of patriotism for my country for it is my country just as it is yours. I think my dad passed this on to me, he has always been a patriot. There are many that feel such gratitude and honor to be an American.

We all show our patriotism in different ways. It is shown by the old woman that struggles to leave her home to exercise her right to vote, it is shown by the young scouts waking up early to raise American flags, it is shown by the man striving to live the laws of the land while providing for his family, it is shown by the soldier who never sees combat but works everyday to support those who do, it is shown by the wife of a deployed soldier struggling to keep her family going on her own and it is shown by that soldier who has paid the last and ultimate sacrifice and will never come home.

I know that most of us will never be required to sacrifice our own life to protect our freedoms and the lives of the ones we love but I also know that many would give their life to do so if it came down to it. I love my country, I love the freedoms I enjoy and have fought to keep.

I am proud to serve my country in the military, I am proud to know so many patriots, so many which love their country and show it in so many ways. I will always stand up next to you to defend my country and the freedoms that come at so high a price, that of blood. Many have paid that price, many more will pay that price and all who truely love their God, their religion, and freedom, their peace, their wives, and their children are willing to pay that price! May God grant that we never be asked to pay it and may He bless the families of those who already have.


Veteran's Day

I'm so grateful for this amazing country we live in! Last week we were all able to vote for our leaders. We have a say in how our government is run. There are so many who have sacrificed so much for this and other freedoms we enjoy and often take for granted. I think of all those who have died in defending our country. I think of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children who have lost loved ones. I really appreciate the two members of my family who serve so faithfully and willingly today. Jared has sacrificed so much of his time, has had to be away from his family so often. Sarah has taken care of her family on her own so many times. I especially appreciate my Dave. It is so hard to be separated from him when he has to go away even for a short time. But I am so proud of him and what a great job he does and the service he renders to this country. He is my hero! God bless the USA!


Happy Halloween! We had a great one. Dave was adorable. He dressed up as...himself. A true computer nerd. It was perfect. Nathan was a cute little dinasaur and Jamie was a princess of course. Me, well, I'll work on it for next year. I tried a witch for the military party but it didn't work very well. We had a lot of fun trick or treating, carving and coloring pumpkins, and eating candy!
She made me dance, dont laugh!

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins for FHE. Both Jamie and Nathan were real excited. Nathan had a good ol' time diggin into those pumkin guts, Jamie... not so much. She was fine just coloring her pumpkin.
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Happy Birthday Amy!

We Love You Amy!

We gave money to Mom for your present... it's kinda like bribery, to make you come home so you can get your presents!

P.S. You better tell us how your day went on Sunday!