An Afternoon Drive in Moab, Utah

In March this year we took a trip down to Moab to visit Marylu and do a little "sight seeing" as well. One of our sight seeing tours included a lazy drive through scenic Canyon Lands National Park. If you know me at all you'll know that I was grinning from ear to ear during this whole little excursion... as for the others (Laura, Jordan and Dad), when they weren't walking behind the truck (everyone) or swearing (Dad) then they had their eyes closed in fear, knuckles white from holding on for dear life. It was a wonderful drive!

The leisurely drive begins with a little bump in the road called Elephant Hill. I know it doesn't look like much and almost anyone would say "what's the big deal?" . Well, if you look to the left of the sign across the well maintained road... see that red gate... that is about the point that my passengers decided that it might not be such a good idea to keep going on this trail. Wow... I told them that we hadn't even started the trail and then told them if they couldn't handle it maybe it would be better for them to get out and follow me up. "Besides, you could get some better pictures if you are on foot" I teased.

As we got to the top of the hill (without too much trouble I might add!) we found that the worst wasn't over, we still had to go down the other side. This also meant that if we ever wanted to go home again we would have to come back up and out the same way. Even I was a little nervous about some of the terrain I was seeing though the grin never left my face! Once again my reluctant passengers preferred to walk down rather than ride. That was fine with me... I have never really liked rear seat drivers anyway ;)
As I started the decent into the unknown things seemed to be going rather well and my fears were put to rest.
Of course we all know that as soon as things seem to be going well that is when they are just about to go not so well and we find ourselves facing down into...
Well, it really wasn't as crazy as it looks... if you are me. To everyone else it is pretty nuts! So, me being... me (the rational and sensible person I am) took one quick look and leaped! (once again and to no ones surprise... I was alone in the truck)
As we (yes, I finally did get everyone back in the truck after I got down the "SCARY" spots) got to the bottom of the trail we came into some beautiful though tight spots in the trail.

As you can see there wasn't much wiggle room. If you look close you can see Dad in the front seat holding on for dear life, I'm pretty sure he has his eyes closed as well!

When we arrived at the end of the trail... or at least it was as far as we had time for this trip... we got out and went for a short hike to see some of the country we worked so hard to get to (after I got a picture with my truck in which my confidence had just greatly increased).

The landscape was beautiful and so is Laura! They call these the Needles.I think Jordan was still a little dazed and confused from the ride down.

The drive back out wasn't too bad... unless you ask Laura, Jordan or Dad that is, as for me, the grin couldn't have been wiped off my face with sandpaper.

As you can see, I was loving every minute of it!!

We did make it out alive and in one piece. And in the end everyone had to agree that the trip was well worth the shortened life spans from the terror of losing life or limb. As for Dave...

I'm still grinning!