We had a great Halloween this year! As tradition dictates, we started our "Halloween week" with Navajo Tacos for dinner followed by a FHE carving pumpkins. We followed it up with doughnuts and chocolate milk!
Jamie just loved ripping the guts out of the pumpkin!  
Nathan made Daddy gut his pumpkin.

Laura got to kill her own pumpkin, doesn't she look so happy?

Nathan was a super hero... when Uncle Jordan asked him what he was going to dress up as he was so excited that he could hardly speak. Laura had to tell Nathan to take a big breath before he passed out. He calmly took a slow breath and then yelled "I'm Captain America!" He kept asking me if he was a good guy or bad guy and which ones he should kill.
 Jamie was a witch and even got a broom to go with her scary finger nail gloves. She had to be sure her face was green enough and that we could still see her warts. 
It was a wet, cold, rainy night for Trick-or-Treating but the kids had fun anyway... Like I told Laura, it's not how cold or wet it was but how big your candy bag is!