Obscene: designed to incite to lust or depravity

Now that we have your attention! Feast your eyes on this culinary masterpiece.

Have you ever seen anything so glorious?
It's the mouth-watering sensation that's sweeping the nation! 
Well, at least it was a big hit in our kitchen! 

Time to Move On

This blog has been a long time in the making. As many of you know last year we decided that it was time to move. We wanted to be closer to work and to get a bigger house and most of all we needed a garage! Well, that was my "most of all" anyway.
Laura and I put our first home in Kearns up for sale late last year. It was a lovely home, by the time I got through with it and it served us well. The story of our move is long yet we feel the Lord guided us to the right place. The house in Kearns was on the market for 6 months with just one showing and they went with another house that had a garage... I couldn't blame them.
We let the house listing expire while I was in Korea with a plan to list it again when I returned. And this is where the real story begins! So, I got home on a Tuseday, slept for a few days then called the Realtor. We had the house listed again that Friday. Saturday we had two showings and one offer which we accepted. The folowing week was a whirlwind of dragging the kids around to look at houses, excitement, and bitter disappointment. The day before I was to leave once again for a 5 week school I stumbled apon our furture home.
We had already put an offer on a home for which we felt like we were "settling". I was browsing the internet looking at more houses and this beauty caught my eye! I admit it was the 3 car garage that drew my attention at first. But as I looked through the pics I felt like we really should look at this one.
I told Laura to come see what I had found. She was reluctant at first. She was sick of looking at houses and really didn't want to get her hopes up just to have them dashed again as had happen earlier in our house hunt. We both agreed that this one was worth checking out.

Living Room                           
Mind you that this was Thursday and I was leaving the next morning for 5 weeks. Our house had sold and we needed to find something fast! So I called our realtor and told him we had one more we wanted to see. He got the showing setup for 1:00.

                             Family Room
As Laura and I drove to the house we both felt excited and nervous. As we came into the house we knew almost right away that this was our home!

Kitchen... and Laura
It was beatiful and just right. We told the realtor to call the seller and make an offer. By about 6:00 that night we had the house under contract and then I was off in the morning for Georgia leaving Laura with a couple Powers of Attorney and a "Good Luck!"

Nathan's Room                                    Jamie's Room
Laura and I spent the next 5 weeks working through all the processes of buying and selling a home. Laura got to do most of the work while I just made phone calls and tried to provide moral support.

Master Bedroom
Everything worked out just perfectly... almost as if it was meant to be...

     Guest Bedroom/Office               Future Theatre and Storage rooms
We moved in on my birthday, Memorial Day weekend, and as they say... the rest is history.

Garage... I know, it's big!
We have been in our new home for about a month and a half and love it. Already we have made lots of improvments, built storage shelves and made even more plans. We can even park the van in the garage now; a feat many people never accomplish even durning a whole lifetime!