Ahh... Christmastime!

We love Christmastime!

This year we learned that Christmastime is one word; it means "the Christmas Season".
After a lovely Thanksgiving with lots of turkey and rolls and "every good thing" we put up the tree and decorated the house. Laura made me put up the outside lights in the below freezing temperatures with the ice cold wind nearly blowing me off the ladder. She said that today might be the only day before it snows... the next day was 40ยบ and sunny with not a bit of wind! On the good side, it's not like I had a lot of lights to put up!

Jamie and Nathan got to sit on Santa's lap at the ward party. Jamie asked for a rocking horse she could ride which she didn't get. Luckly she got enough other junk that she didn't miss it. Nathan asked for cars and trucks which he got in abundance!
This year, our ginger bread house came in a kit with pre-made frosting and the whole works. Of course the kids ate at least half of the candy before it ever made it to the "cobble stone" walkway or the multi-colored roof shingles. It's all about fun though... right!?

The lights at Temple Square were beautiful as they are every year. We saw them three times, I think... and every time is was cold enough to freeze Santa's plump rump right to his sleigh!

We spent the long Christmas weekend (23rd to the 28th) in Siberia. Subzero temperatures, arctic winds and iced over rivers! Oh, wait... did I say Siberia; I meant Roosevelt. Although, if you were inside the house you might think you had just stepped into the Sahara Desert!

We were all blessed with a nice surprise. Amy and Juan received a couple of plane tickets for Christmas and were able to be the life of our party! They also got the new favorite game of the year; Settlers of Catan.
In this year's Nativity play Jamie was our Angel of the Lord and Jordan was the court jester.

"Who let them in? And where was Reverend Hopkins, I'd like to know?!"

Christmas morning was exciting and fun. We love the traditions and memories that come with Christmas! Being together, playing games, eating and eating, Christmas stories, sliding on the frozen river, fudge of every kind, giving and getting, Christmas Eve pizza and the cholesterol special at the grill, games and more food, did I mention fudge... and more fudge. I think we just barley finished off all that left over fudge last week.

We spoiled ourselves again! Every year we say “Let’s just get a few things for Christmas this year.” And like every other year a “few things” turned into way too much! At least this year we saved up most of our Christmas money so we didn’t go into debt, too much!

Another hoped for visit was that of Anne and the kids! They made it up the day after Christmas! We love those guys!

I don't know what got into Jamie but she was having way to much fun trying to "dip" Sofia!
What a wonderful time of year and the joy it brings to us all makes it that much harder when it is over. I hope we can keep Chirstmas in our hearts all year long!

Nathan the Three Year Old!

Nathan had his 3rd Birthday on the 4th of December. By the way, the "Terrible Two's" don't end with year two, if you had any doubts. Well, he is a good kid when he wants to be and we love him anyway. Here is a little video recap of his last year. Enjoy!