Zoo Day!

Ok, it was spring break and we had no where to go. So, I thought it would be a fun time to go to the Zoo. Every year we go for military days around the 4th of July. It's usually really hot, but we still enjoy it. The weather on Friday was perfect. "Not too cold, not too hot. Jacket weather!" (Name that movie) We made it through the whole outing without even one major meltdown. We came close because we couldn't locate the cotton candy for a while, but we found it and everything was ok. I love the Zoo and am excited for the new expansion that is under construction.
Nathan's favorite part was the cotton candy. Did I mention huge mess?

Jamie's favorite part was the elephants. We got to watch them feed Kristie (mom) and Zuri (baby) whole honeydew melons. It was amazing!

Nathan wrestled an alligator:

Jamie rode a snow leopard:
We all enjoyed the carousel.
The only one that didn't seem to be having fun was Eli, the orangutan.
The giraffe was fascinated with us. We even got to see his blue tongue up close.
Fun times at the zoo!