Nathan the Organizer

Nathan is our organizer. Most of his play involves lining things up.

His trucks have to be just so...

Coloring time is not so much coloring as it is making an occasional
mark on the paper and mostly just lining up the markers.

And finally after a long day of organizational genius... he colapses.
(of course this is a rare occurance, unfortunately)

If only our lives could be so easily organized.

Join me with "This Old House"

FHE Cookie Pizza Night!

We need to do some major catching up on our blog! Dave has been so busy remodeling our kitchen, Mom Colton's kitchen, and now our basement (we will blog about all that soon), that we haven't been able to post any good stuff. He is a lot better than me at blogging and doing the pictures and stuff. I'm going to try to do a few myself until he has more time.

On January 19th Jamie was in charge of the dessert for FHE. She looked in her little cook book and chose the cookie pizza. We had so much fun making it together. Jamie's was the most artistic. We all felt a little sick by the time we were done eating. It was so rich!