Catch Up!

I missed blogging about Christmas, New Years, and birthdays. So, this is a quick overview of the past few months.
Christmas was great. We went to Grantsville and Jordan came to visit. During the season we were able to ride TRAX up to Salt Lake to see the lights. Here are some pictures.

We tried to have a traditional Colton cholesterol special breakfast. It was pretty tasty but not quite the good ol' Frontier Grill in Roosevelt.
We spent Newy Years with the Garrett's (that includes Jordan of course) in freezing Logan. Games, food, movies, food and yes, more food! The games were so fun. I'm getting hooked on Settlers of Catan!
My birthday was great! We had a big January birthday bash with the Davis's. We have a lot of January birthdays on both sides of the family. Jordan drove down from Logan and we all went out to dinner. We shared a big brownie sundae! My favorite. J brought his Settlers game and I even won one game! Mom and Dad came the following day and took us out to lunch. Sushi and chinese! I got spoiled.
Because of car troubles, Anne ended up spending her birthday with us too. We were so excited to have them here. Jordan made another appearance (he just can't get enough of us. I'm sure it had nothing to do with wanting to see his new adorable neice, Maya!). We played games late into the night (you guessed it, Settlers of Catan). I won again, so did Anne. Fun times with family! Happy New Year!
oh, ya, Jamie lost a front tooth.