Is it really fall, really? I mean 90 degrees outside! Really? Ok, so I know that next week when it's freezing I'll wish I had enjoyed the heat more. I would just love some of that wonderful in-between weather. 70 degrees for a few weeks. Well, I still love fall time! Even with the heat it cools down enough that I can open the windows in the morning and get cool, fresh air. We already went to see the witches at Gardner Village. We also drove up AF Canyon to see the colors. We had to drive way up but they were there. Beautiful!
One of my favorite things about fall is General Conference. It's always just so inspiring. Happy Fall everyone!

North end of Timp.

Grandpa's Funeral

Grandpa Mac's funeral was a perfect tribute to his life. What an amazing life he led. What a wonderful example of how to live and love and serve! I miss you Grandpa and love you!

Grandpa Mac (added a video)

Grandpa Mac is one of my heroes. I've always admired how full of life he was. He worked so hard and enjoyed it. As a kid I sometimes didn't like when he would put us to work on the farm. Those blackberry bushes were brutal! But the rewards were always awesome. Not just yummy stuff to eat (those blackberries were scrumptious!). My favorite time was when he would turn on the irrigation and we played in the water as long as we could until it was gone! So much fun! I always admired his master gardner skills. Most of all, Grandpa's devotion to family. He loved us all so much and showed us how much he loved Grandma by the way he took care of her. I love you Grandpa! I know you are so happy having many wonderful reunions! Thanks for a wonderful legacy.
Don't mind Sarahs "dirty talk" in this video and just enjoy.

Building a Backyard!

One of our big projects in the new house this summer was the backyard. When we moved in it was just weeds about as high as the fence. We had a family of cats hiding out in the weeds and once we lost Nathan for a few days out there!
I mowed down the weeds and borrowed my parent's tiller with the plan of tilling everything up and cleaning it out...
After about 2 hours of trying with all my might to get that tiller to dig into the rock solid clay ground I gave up and hired a guys with a backhoe to come in and clear the ground. After we covered the whole yard in plastic and let the sun cook the weeds for about 6 weeks.
I was surprised to see how well it worked; they call it Solarization and it killed off just about everything. After the Solarization I spent a week trenching and putting in sprinklers.
After the sprinklers came the top soil and the railroad ties...
I have to admit that through it all Jamie and Nathan helped out a lot... well Nathan mostly made holes where we didn't need them and filled in the ones we did.
It took us a few days to make the mountain on the driveway to mole hills in the back yard but we did it.
After leveling the playing field we had the Curbman put in the curbing and the we ordered the sod.
The kids got to watch the sod get delivered while, we got to lay it all down.
So far it is turning out very nicely. We had a few people from the word come by to help us and it went pretty quick. Thanks everyone!
I measured and ordered the sod all by myself and this was all that we had left. A pretty good job if I do say so myself! As you can see I was pretty proud; but that is just because I am good!
Other projects to follow are trees and a swing set with a big sandbox and lots of bushes and flowers and lets not forget the garden... I guess you could say we still have a bit of work to do but it is coming alone pretty well.