I've been so bad at keeping up with the blog! Baby Jessica is already one month old. She is so beautiful and we all adore her - even at 2:00 in the morning! Here are some pictures. The professional ones were taken by my awesome cousin, Brynn.
In the hospital:
Baby weighed in at 8 pounds 12 ounces; by far my biggest baby. She was 20 inches long.

Ok, it's time to blog about Christmas already!

We had an amazing Christmas in Roosevelt! As usual, Mom was a hostess of the mostest. There was every kind of homemade candy and treat you can imagin!The food was amazing every meal (and in between)! We enjoyed playing games all day. Some of us got a lot of volleyball playing in. I'll be out there next time! My favorite thing was just spending time with my family! That's one of my favorite things about Christmas. I also loved having church on Christmas day. The music was awesome - thanks to my mom. No one got sick this year either (we waited till New Years!). Happy times!
Surprisingly, the tree remained in tact even though baby Marcus was around!

Fun times with family. I'm sad that we stopped taking pictures when Anne's family and Mare got there.
Oh, here's one of Anne, baby Maya and Mare at the Grill. Yummy!
Happy New Year!