I have a moment to blog

Wow, summer 2013 is well underway and I haven't blogged about anything. Well, here are some fun pictures of what has been happening (probably mostly of Jessie).
Camping at Yellowpine for the Colton reunion.

Someone fell on her face in the dirt!

At the fishing hole.
Nathan graduated! From Kindergarten.
Easter in Roosevelt.
Hiking on Memorial Day weekend. Battle Creek Falls.
Buffalo Peak. We were all supposed to be jumping. Good job, Jordan!

A Very Special Day

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in June. The day before Father's Day. June the 16th, 2012. Even though it was Saturday, we got up early to get ready. I carefully braided Jamie's hair in two long french braids. She put on a beautiful white, poofy dress that made her look like a fairy princess. Yes, it was baptism day for Jamie. We took a few pictures before so we wouldn't have to stress so much about it on the day.
Jamie and Dave were ready and waiting when all the family started to arrive.
And I mean ALL the famiy! One of the things that made the day so special was that the whole Colton clan was there, together for the first time since right after Jamie was born. It was wonderful!
The spirit was very strong during the meeting. My two sisters gave amazing talks about baptism and the Holy Ghost. The music was beautiful. I remember all the kids gathered around the font to watch the baptism. When Jamie came up out of the water she was beaming! Happy, happy day!

Time to start blogging again, I hope

Wow! It's been a whole year since I last blogged about the birth of little Jessie. She is already one year old! So, I guess I'll start with her. Here are some pics of her first year:

We love the scowl!
Happy Birthday!

Jessie is such a fun baby. I don't know if it's because she's my third, but I am less stressed and I just enjoy playing with her so much more. She is absolutely delightful...most of the time. The year went by so fast. She is growing up! Slow down, girl!
More posts to come soon!