Sunny Mothers Day Weekend!

We got to go to St. George for Mothers Day!  Nathan immediately went to Grandma McAllister to snuggle and read a book.  She was a captive audience for his stories.  Jordan and Dad pampered us all weekend long.  They sent Mom and I out for a girls day on the the town.  Shopping and lunch at the Red Lobster!

They entertained the kids by taking them on a hike and having a picnic.  Nathan has been begging for a good hike for months now, so he was very happy.

On Saturday we went out by Leeds to hike in the Silver Reef area.  There were beautiful wildflowers everywhere and waterfalls where the stream cascaded over the vivid red rock.  The kids loved wading through the water.  Jamie found some frogs and didn't want to let them go.  We finally persuaded her.  Jordan had to defy gravity and climb out to the very edge-of course.

Nathan's favorite part was making a mud castle.
We love visiting the grandparents down south!