Time to start blogging again, I hope

Wow! It's been a whole year since I last blogged about the birth of little Jessie. She is already one year old! So, I guess I'll start with her. Here are some pics of her first year:

We love the scowl!
Happy Birthday!

Jessie is such a fun baby. I don't know if it's because she's my third, but I am less stressed and I just enjoy playing with her so much more. She is absolutely delightful...most of the time. The year went by so fast. She is growing up! Slow down, girl!
More posts to come soon!


Sarah said...

What a doll! Love the scowl as well.
I have to say, the 3rd one does have a lot less stress with me, as well. Everybody I've talked to about it claims it's the 3rd child syndrome. Like the first child is the "pick on" child, the 2nd is the "follower" or "rebellious" one.... One thing for sure with me, the 3rd is a lot easier!
Super, super cute kids you have!