Dinner Time Fun with Nathan Davis

Lately Nathan has been picking up some of Jamie's bad habits. Like this one of taking forever to swallow his food but he couldn't leave it at that. He had to add to it; go above and beyond...
Not only does he like to take his sweet time swallowing but he likes to see just how much he can stuff in there before poping!
Here is Nathan after a long day and some hard eating... It isn't very common for Nathan to fall asleep unless he is in bed or in the car... anyway, it was pretty funny to watch.

Poor Nathan, all that fun at his expense... At least he was too tired to realize we were all laughing at him!


Julie Garrett said...

That has got to be one of the funnest videos I have ever seen. That poor baby!!!Marshal and I laughed and laughed. We miss you guys. We have to find a time for you to come up.

LauraDave said...

Yes you do! We want to come up soon too!