A Trip to the Museum and Logan (26-27 June 2009)

With the trip to Hawaii over and just a pleasant memory, life continued on. We planned a little outing to Ogden for Lucas's first birthday and on our way there we stopped at the Treehouse Children's Museum.

Jamie and Nathan had a great time. The theme of the Museum is "Step into a Story" or something like that. Anyway, the kids had all kinds of fun things to do. They got to be firemen or... aah... firepeople?
Laura got to meet President Obama! OK, OK, I know it is hard to tell but he didn't really just hang out at the museum all day playing with the kids... Sorry Dad, it's really just a cardboard cut-out.

It was fun for everyone! Nathan got lost in the outback while Jamie wished she could get lost with all those pretty fish.
After the museum we had a great "circus" party at Brynn and Nate's house for Lucas. He was so adorable.

He couldn't leave my sunglasses alone. I walked around the rest of the day looking at little Lucas fingerprints.

You may remember the bright blue birthday cake that Lucas attacked with gusto and a little help from Maya. It was almost as blue as his eyes.

It had been a long and fun day for the kids and they zonked out pretty quick once we got them to hold still long enough. They both slept almost the whole way to Aunt Julie's house in Logan.
We always love to sleep over at the Garrett's home (speaking of which... when are we going to come up next?)! Good food, fun games and lots of laughing! We played new game called "It Came To Pass". It was quite fun. I think Aunt Julie likes it so much because one can be ruthless and "violent" (as Dad would put it) even though it is a "Churchy" game.
The following day we took the kids... and Jordan to the water park. Neither of the kids could get enough of the slide and Jamie even started going down by herself because we were getting tired of going up with her. She used to be scared to go in the water without being latched onto someone but after taking swimming lessons throughout the summer she is doing much better.
Nathan on the other hand is still quite "attached" unless the water is below his waist.
As for Jordan... Well, the picture says it all!

After the fun in the sun we had a good get-together at the park with some unrelated relatives... Well, I guess they were related to someone... just not to me! We also walked through the small zoo and found the peacock strutting his stuff showing off for all those homely peahens. He was just as proud as... well, as a peacock I guess.

The Bald Eagle was showing off his feathers too.

Jamie got herself stuck in the tree several times and once on top of the swing set as well... silly girl. I was just going to let her fend for herself on the swing set but Laura made me go help her get down... I did take the time to get a picture first though.

And as usual, Nathan was not happy unless he was in the swing and was being pushed consistently and constantly. If we stepped away for just a sec or even just missed a push he would let us, in no uncertain terms, know that we had just messed-up big time!